About Us

Wellington SPCA has been standing up for animal welfare in the region since 1884. As the second largest SPCA in New Zealand, it cares for more than 6,000 animals and responds to over 1,000 animal cruelty complaints each year in the greater Wellington region.

From January 11th, 2016, Wellington SPCA is delegated by the National Office, RNZSPCA to administer the Wairarapa SPCA under a one year agreement. An Area Manager/Inspector (part time), based in the Wairarapa shall give effect to this agreement under the direction of the Wellington SPCA Chief Executive Officer.

It is not intended that the Masterton Base will re-open as an animal care shelter. However, it is likely that at some point it can be used as a transit centre for animals to be taken through to the Newtown if there is sufficient volunteer and community (funding) support.

What services is the SPCA delivering in the Wairarapa now?

The primary services being restored to the Wairarapa are the Inspectorate, comprising of an appointed Inspector/s under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, and the formation of an SPCA Emergency Reserve who can assist with after hours injured un-owned animals. The Inspector/s will carry out animal welfare investigations as well as engage with the local community to talk about the work of the SPCA and animal welfare (humane education).

What after hours services will the SPCA offer in the Wairarapa?

It is envisaged that a small team of volunteers will form an Emergency Reserve. These volunteers will respond to injured or sick un-owned animals and transport them to a local veterinarian for care. Stray dogs are still a responsibility of local authorities.

Due to health and safety requirements, volunteers will not respond to emergencies after 10pm unless requested directly by the Police, Fire Service or Animal Control and accompanied by that agency, to the scene of the injured animal. Injured/sick marine mammals and protected wildlife remain the responsibility of the Department of Conservation. Our Emergency Reserve also can support local Civil Defence Emergency Management arrangements.

What new services could the Wairarapa community see from the new change?

In addition to the consistent service delivery of Inspectorate and animal emergency response, Wellington SPCA is able to deploy its Animal Rescue Unit (ARU) to carry out complex animal rescues in the area. The ARU is a specialist unit of staff and volunteers who are highly trained in technical rescue including rope rescue, swiftwater rescue and USAR.

Wellington SPCA is also looking to provide some community micro chipping and other events.

How can I help the Wairarapa SPCA?

Regular giving is key to helping the SPCA in the Wairarapa. Please become a regular giver for us by calling the Fundraising Team on 04 389 7387, or emailing funds@wellingtonspca.org.nz.

Alternatively, you can make a donation on the Wellington SPCA website.